Words To Use or Not to Use?

Last night sparked some great conversation around a school’s mission & vision statement and their relevance to moving the work forward. I personally loved hearing Kristina MacBury talk about beginning each year with revisiting the mission & vision to see if they still align with the beliefs and values of the school. It led me to wonder though, how do we create mission and vision statements that are meaningful, worthy of the day-to-day work, without OVER-utilizing the current buzzwords in education? Perhaps, is it okay that words such as “life-long learner”, “21st century learners”, …etc are alive in many of our mission and vision statements? Might it be a balancing act? Jeffco11, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Words To Use or Not to Use?

  1. We created a new mission and vision at West Woods last year. The process was interesting. Teachers were very concerned about not using the buzz-words and felt that those words either have lost meaning through overuse or had no meaning outside of our profession (or maybe an unintended meaning). When we took it back to our accountability committee, they were also eager to remove the buzz-words and to choose words carefully that expressed exactly what we were meaning. We ended up with words that had similar meanings to the buzz-words but that we all thought had meaning everywhere.


  2. I like how Kristina said she had her staff really create the mission and vision and decide if it was living and breathing or not. Although taht process is probably pretty “messy” I think it speaks volumes to the commitability of a mission and vision.


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