Personal Mission Statements

After reflecting on mission and vision statements on various successful and non-successful organizations, I began to ruminate on what kind of leader I am and where I find myself in the future. These thoughts led me to think about about the importance of having my own personal mission statement.

Having a personal mission statement could help guide us in so many ways, not only as leaders in the world of education. Our personal mission statements could pave the way for how we hold friendships, raise our families, plan our futures, reflect on our past, the possibilities are limitless.

We are all unique and have different beliefs. By developing our own mission statement,  we will then have a foundation and purpose to guide our decisions for our futures.

Consider writing one of our own, you may discover your true self.

Here are a few resources that I found to be helpful:

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Your Own Personal Mission Statement

Brand Yourself With Your Personal Mission Statement

Don’t Find a Job, Find Your Mission: Celeste Headlee



2 thoughts on “Personal Mission Statements

  1. There’s great TedTalk from Simon Sinek that you may have seen about having a “why” and the power of why in leadership. His bottom line message: “People don’t by what you do they buy why you do it.” At BIE we use this a lot with leaders to get them to develop a personal why for bringing PBL to their school and students. Here’s the link to the full talk but in the first 5 or so minutes you get the core of it:


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