Know Yourself

Greetings Jeffco 11!

Last week, we delved into several educational philosophies and school leadership models.  After letting ALL of the information you have gathered about your own philosophy and your own leadership model sit with you for a few days, how are you feeling now?  Do you have a better understanding of your beliefs? Does something fester within you that you can’t quite wrap your head around? Have you formulated more questions about this process?

Please share your thoughts with the team!


2 thoughts on “Know Yourself

  1. My post Deliberately Development? is my musing on this. I’m wondering about how/whether my role as a leader should be most strongly oriented to staff culture and development as my contribution to achieving our shared vision? (while also doing the managerial work of keeping the school running effectively). And how do prioritize our days/weeks/months to allow for that important work to be our primary focus instead of the urgent needs that constantly arise?


  2. I was SUPER excited after going back to my Masters program and reading my philosophy of education because I have not really changed. My values have remained VERY similar. Although the leadership role takes on a new perspective, my core values have remained the same throughout my philosophy 🙂


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